The YET project kicked off as a part of the Environment Department’s ‘Let’s imagine space together’ grant programme. The project explores the triggers required to get young people (aged 12-18) engaged in the debate on the sustainable use of space.


Anton Renard

Anton Renard


co creatie

For and by youth

The co-creation process came together through several workshops and the creation of an online questionnaire. This questionnaire was distributed over the whole of Flanders and provided initial insights into youths’ knowledge regarding public space. The workshops provided a chance to dig deeper into the subject with around 20 young people. This process involved young people from Maricolen secondary school in Bruges, who were surveyed, informed, and challenged during the process of interpreting and designing the public space.


Towards an app

This co-creation process generated a wealth of information which led to the development of a mobile application prototype. The app aims to stimulate and engage youth in the public debate on sustainable and high-quality public space. It challenges young people to imagine ‘their’ space, as well as to make their voices heard in more complex participation processes relating to public space. The app is thus a tool for participation, research, and education alike.


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