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In this white paper, we explore the availability and the use of data on active environments for cities and municipalities in Flanders:

  • Which data are desirable?
  • Which data are available and useable?
  • Which data can be feasibly captured?
  • And how do you go about it?

First, we illustrate how data research can provide fertile soil for fruitful policies.

We then explain which public data can be valuable in terms of harnessing knowledge and insights in order to form the basis for targeted choices and sustainable actions that lead to active policy.

Next, we provide an overview of where public data can be found in Flanders, or how these data can be captured.

And finally, we demonstrate how the Vital Cities Exercise Scan is a useful instrument for gathering data and providing insights on the activities of your city or municipality.


Lore Cuypers

Lore Cuypers