Vital Schools Coaches train teachers, supervisors, and parents with a desire to take the lead to realise an active school in their own school environment. Over the course of six coaching sessions, they learn from and with each other about steps that can be taken to implement sustainable exercise initiatives at school. 

The training encompasses various perspectives. We focus on developing visions for exercise policies at school, teaching coaching skills, creating active class environments and nudges, and addressing the barriers that exist in every school.

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Optionally, we can also teach you how to perform an exercise scan of the school environment and how to implement the subsequent results during a tailored interactive workshop

With the help of a practical Exercise Scan we analyse the current school environment together and search for some quick wins.
In an interactive workshop, we then use these results to create a feasible and broadly supported plan for a more active school environment.

  • What are the main design principles for an active playground and school area?
  • What important personal and social parameters should be implemented into the design? How does the environment affect the behaviour of children and youth and how can you respond to this?
  • How can natural elements provide a boosting effect on different forms of play and exercise?
  • How can a school engage its students, teachers, parents, and perhaps even local residents when designing the school environment? 

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