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Over the course of the last year, we were present at numerous conferences, knowledge days, and fairs, with compelling lectures and workshops on a whole variety of topics. 

We presented at the following conferences and inspiration days: 

  • Sport Innovation Conference by Sport Vlaanderen (2021): IncluPAS: Stimulating social inclusion among youth of vulnerable European neighbourhoods through sport and exercise initiatives. 
  • Public Space Conference in Antwerp (2023): YET, youth environment and engagement tool: How can we increase participation and involvement among youth for the sustainable use of space?
  • Netwerk Lokaal Sportbeleid (Network for Local Sport Policies) Conference (2021 & 2023): ‘The Exercise Scan’ (2021) ' and ‘On teenage girls and sports in public spaces’ (2023).
  • Nike Community Impact Fund (2022): How can we bring about true impact in social-sports initiatives? Lessons from the European IncluPAS programme.
  • Digital Sports Day, Howest & Techonomy (2023): How can technology and data be harnessed to measure and map citizens’ activity?
  • Social Creativity Congress, Mind-and Makerspace Howest (2020-2023): Workshop: ‘Teenage girls in public spaces’
  • European Multiplier Event IncluPas (2022):  ‘A Youth-Inspired Sport City. Promoting Sport and Social Inclusion’
  • Ghent University’s Frans Verheeke Chair, ‘The Future of Sport’ (2022): IncluPAS: digital hurdles and launch pads. Deploying a digital application to promote social inclusion among young people in vulnerable neighbourhoods.  
  • CoNeCtYVe Exchange Programme between the Netherlands and Flanders (2023): ‘Teenage girls in public spaces’
  • Sport Participation Meeting Day by Netwerk Lokaal Sportbeleid (Network for Local Sport Policies) The Community Scan: a hands-on tool to thoroughly understand the neighbourhood and delve into the life of young people and their use of the neighbourhood. 
  • An Increasingly Mobile Municipality/City Theme Day by VVSG & City of Bruges (2022): Workshop on inclusive exercise routes.
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In autumn, you can find us at the following events: 

  • ELIS Innovation Summit 2023 at HighTech Campus Eindhoven: ‘Innovative approaches in sport & vitality stimulation’, 20 September 2023   
  • ‘Gelderse Buitenkansen’ Knowledge Day in Apeldoorn: knowledge event on inviting outdoor areas, 28 September 2023.
  • Sport Innovation Conference in Ghent: ‘Make you(r) move’ by Sport Vlaanderen, 19 October 2023. 
  • ‘Building a Child and Youth-friendly City Together’ Inspiration Day in Bruges: 25 October 2023 at the Sport Innovation Campus
  • Kennislab BIOR Noord Inspiration Day: 9 November 2023, webinar.
  • Expeditie Jong, Youth-friendly Cities and Municipalities Network in Leuven: 14 November 2023.
  • 11th Child in the City World Conference/ Brussels: 20-22 November.
  • Healthy Living Conference in Mechelen: ‘Behavioural insights for a healthy society’, 28 November 2023 
  • Month of Sport Participation by Netwerk Lokaal Sportbeleid (Network for Local Sport Policies): webinar on 7 December 2023. 

Are you also interested in a tailored workshop, training, or lecture? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will listen to your input and make sure to create a compelling session that perfectly fits your objective and audience.

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