To manage sports and health events and projects in a vibrant neighbourhood/municipality/city, tailored to the different target groups.


  • How can a vibrant city/municipality/neighbourhood create policy for sport, exercise, and preventive health, and within which boundaries?
  • How do we capitalise on administrative, social, and sports-related developments?
  • How can local infrastructure policies, active environments, and public spaces contribute to health and exercise? How can we develop an urban vision related to plazas, skate parks, and so on?
  • How can we bring together different local stakeholders from the fields of sports and preventive health? How can we develop a network with sports clubs, community organisations, and other (care) providers?
  • How can we make use of existing tools and methodologies (e.g. ISB, Vigez, Gezonde Gemeente, NISB, etc.)?
  • How can citizens get involved in local sports and health policy (= civic commitment)?
  • How can we translate and tailor complex sports and health topics for diverse target groups?
  • How can we deploy sports and exercise as a means for social innovation?
  • How can cities/municipalities use sports and sports events to raise their profile, such as with urban trails (= city marketing)?


By carrying out an extensive Exercise Scan in your own neighbourhood, city, or municipality, you will: 

  1. Gather data that can be used to map the activities of a city.
  2. Carry out a neighbourhood-level analysis of factors that could spur more people to exercise in public spaces.
  3. Provide inspiration with recommendations and practical examples. 


This module starts every year after the Easter holidays. Courses are organised 1.5 days per week for 5 weeks at the Sport Innovation Campus in Bruges. 

Job opportunities

Policy officer at the Sports, Leisure, Health, Well-being, or similar departments of local administrations (cities, municipalities, PSWCs, Buurtsport, and others), as well as nonprofits.
Staff officer Preventive Health or Health Promotion in ‘Logo's’ (= Flemish local health coordination organisations), neighbourhood health centres, mutual health organisations, and more.

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