Over the course of an intensive design programme, students of the Applied Architecture, Sports & Exercise, and Teacher Training (Physical Education) courses gather to reflect on how some sites around Bruges could be redesigned in an more exercise-friendly way.

In consultation with various Bruges organisations, eight concrete cases with a focus on “urban sports & culture” were agreed upon. Four teams are working on each case. This means that we have developed a total of 32 inspiration plans.  

The final objective of each multidisciplinary team was to present a design showing what the space could look like (scale model, 3D plan, or photos) in addition to a full project plan complete with a lively exercise offer and plenty of organisational and communication recommendations.  

The many nifty designs demonstrated that it really is possible to perfectly integrate urban sports in spaces with multiple different user groups and functions. This finding provides the prospect of a space in which children and youth can practise their sport (in public spaces), while also giving the space an identity. With some (minor) smart interventions, a fair share of creativity, and a strong will to understand the various sports and their communities, new life can be given to industrial sites, parks, sports centres, empty churches, and playgrounds alike.
Our students have proven so! 

These are the eight CASES and their PROPONENTS:   

  • CASE 1: Urban sports & culture @ site Knapen  (Bruges Sports and Youth Service)  
  • CASE 2: Urban sports & culture @ Former bus depot De Lijn (Bruges Sports Service)  
  • CASE 3: Urban sports & culture @ Sint-Michiels church (The Holy Grail – climbing church)  
  • CASE 4: Urban sports & culture @ Sport Vlaanderen Brugge  
  • CASE 5: Urban sports & culture @ MIA Brugge  
  • CASE 6: Urban sports & culture @ Spermalie Hotel and Tourism School  
  • CASE 7: Urban sports & culture @ Sint-Jozef Humaniora Secondary School  
  • CASE 8: Urban sports & culture @ OLVA Assebroek Secondary School 

These are the sprint week’s main partners

  • Brugge Beweegt- https://www.brugge.be/vrije-tijd/sport/brugge-beweegt (project manager: Thijs Bouten)  
  • Vital Cities - https://vitalcities.be/ (project manager: Lore Cuypers)  
  • Sportinnovatiecampus - https://sportinnovatiecampus.be/ (project manager: Nikolaas Van Doninck)  
  • Vital Schools - https://www.vitalschools.be/nl/ (project manager: Dave Brunet)  

These are the supporting partners  for the week:  

  • MOEV - https://www.moev.be/   
  • MOS Vlaanderen - https://www.mosvlaanderen.be/   
  • Studio Basta - https://www.studiobasta.be/ (liveable landscaping)  
  • Architectuuratelier - https://www.dertien12.be/   
  • Urbain architectencollectief - https://urbain-ac.be/   

These are the courses involved:

  • Professional Bachelor Course in Sport and Exercise - https://www.howest.be/nl/opleidingen/bachelor/sport-en-bewegen   
  • Professional Bachelor Course in Applied Architecture - https://www.howest.be/nl/opleidingen/bachelor/toegepaste-architectuur   
  • Secondary Education Teacher Training Course- https://www.howest.be/nl/opleidingen/bachelor/secundair-onderwijs  

In collaboration with