The importance of investing in an active environment can hardly be overstated. More than just a wise move, it is a comprehensive investment in the health, well-being, and future of an entire community. This initiative helps create the ideal conditions for people to thrive, grow, and enjoy a better life quality.

Together with Kenniscentrum Sport & Bewegen, Mulier Instituut, RIVM, and Fontys Sporthogeschool, we pooled our knowledge and drafted eleven arguments in support of an active environment. These arguments are rooted in extensive literature research.


Lore Cuypers

Lore Cuypers


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An active environment...

1. Improves physical health by encouraging people to practise sport and exercis

2. Fosters inhabitants’ mental health and well-being

3. Contributes to children’s (motor) development by giving them the opportunity to move, learn, and play.

4. Prevents chronic diseases such as obesity, as people exercise more.

5. Stimulates active mobility because of the availability of attractive walking and cycling infrastructure. 

6. Offers a safer (traffic) environment to move around in, which sparks an increase in exercising.

7. Can contribute to climate adaptation and biodiversity through the presence of green and blue spaces.

8. Paves the way for a cleaner environment because more people will opt for active mobility.

9. Improves liveability and social cohesion because an active environment is cleaner and quieter, and also suffers less from criminality.

10. Is age-friendly and makes it possible to grow and age in a healthy and active manner, because the environment is safe and it provides sufficient amenities and facilities for play and exercise.

11. Improves the residential climate and helps to market the area, because an active locale offers an attractive and accessible environment for living and working.

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